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Slate Digital Infinity EQ Download Full Version

Slate Digital Infinity EQ a modern and efficient graphical. Looking for EQ that can do it all? check out this plugin from Slate Digital.

This 24 band graphical EQ aims at the modern engineer who wants to work fast and get great result. The Slate Digital is all about workflow. Its intuitive interface is laid out to minimize mouse movements, with tight groupings for related functions and no right-click drop-down menus.

Double-click on any point to create one of up to 24 filter bands, and use the sliders that hover above or below the band to shape the slope and adjust the Q. For pinpoint listening, you can click the headphone icon to solo a band.

Lets you process your tracks with the least amount of mouse movements, clicks, and modifier keys. The slick interface enables extremely fast selection of filters, slopes, gain, grouping, M/S, and bypass.

The Infinity EQ is a standout channel EQ for performing traditional parametric EQ functions, and it includes advanced stereo EQ capabilities, too. Easily select between Mid/Side or Left/Right processing to add width or carve out space, so instruments with like timbres can sit better in the stereo field. A go-to method for top mix engineers, Mid/Side processing can be the difference between a good mix and a great mix.

Features Of Slate Digital Infinity EQ :

  • Design streamline your workflow
  • Remarkably tranparent
  • Zero latency analog matching filters
  • 24-band Graphical EQ
  • Group bands for simultaneous control
  • and many more…

You also download more vst plugin here.

Informations :

  • File Setup : 29MB
  • Pass :


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